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Friday, October 19, 2012

breaking your own rules

umm maaaa!! how does a whole week go by without me seeing it fly?? crazy.

Life has gotten itself all busy on me again and work is piling up and somehow, I havent blogged for a week. Which feels weird but its not to say we havent had a great week :)

Heres a sneak peek at whats taken over my world/house/sanity....


Whilst I was casually browsing the shops the other day with the two little people, minding my own business and NOT spending money, hubbin crept up on me. He was browsing too (hmm it doesnt stop there unfortunately) and had "something to show"me..... I should have run then but  I followed. To the nerf gun section of target.

And suddenly the two boys in my life are BEGGING for one.... "they are on special! Ive never had one!! We wont shoot anyones faces!!" And so the mother in my sighs and takes two nerf guns to purchase and to put away for Christmas ( a third nerf gun had already been secretly purchased and had been put away months ago for Jared but todays were "better and easier "so Id been told).

And so we go home. Not long after, papa bear arrives home from work and I head to the shower..... and come out to a full blown cardboard massacre and not one, not two but ALL THREE nerf guns assembled to the delight of the now 4 children I seem to have in front of me.....

I walked away, feeling very "mum" like. Who am I to spoil the fun??

I wrote my story on facebook, to which I recieved a bunch of "thats so cool!!"comments and one that really stuck in my head.....
                               "its family bonding! go with it!"

And I realise that sometimes its ok to do something completely out of the norm, why cant we just be in that moment and break our own rules???

And so the family nerf battle began :) No miniture figure was safe, even the dog took cover.
The kids ( and the big kid) all had a ball. Kids bedtime curfew was stretched from 7pm to 9pm ( another rule to break... although I paid for it this morning)

And all three little kids are still talking about it....

do you ever break free of the "mum" in you and break your own rules??

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

face painting fun

Todays request was face painting :)
Jumeirah has been carting around one of my face painting books for weeks now and Ive successfully managed to put her off but today she would not be swayed.... so I got it all out and had the best time decorating these precious little faces. ( I actually had more fun than I expected! Its been AGES since we did face painting!)
I had a mouse " who wants to be a cat" ( I dont ask anymore, it hurts my brain to know what shes thinking), the sweetest little butterfly, and a hilarious serious robot.

They had a ball creating some strange game with all three of them completely in character, I could only stand and watch with utter love for these three beauties.
Sometime in the afternoon, we decided to take our crazy characters to the beach for some race around fun.
This time, I wasnt stupid enough to forget the camera :)

Oh school holidays, take your time....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in the moment

I really wanted to start "Top tip tuesday" today with some great tips for taking great photos... but its just the craziest week and Im beat already so you may have to wait for it :)

But I did steal a shot of this moment between these two little lovelies, chatting together but holding two totally different coversations, totally wrapped up in each other :)

I love them to bits.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

day trippin

As you guys may or may not know, blogger had a little meltdown last week and had to have a little lie down... but we are up and running today so rest time is OVER :)

Recently, our little gang went adventuring to Ellenborough Falls, about an hour ( or so) drive to the biggest free falling waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere.
It was rainy and chilly but oh so fun to be out and about and TOGETHER.
So often, we fly through our weekends, months, lives and we get caught up in just getting through it. The tricky baby years, the tanty toddler years, the school years... and all too soon they are gone. I am madly trying to hang on to my three so I dont have to deal with them getting older but do they listen?? Not so much.

So every now and then, I try and find somewhere or something new to try that creates new memories that will hopefully last a lifetime... and if not, I take a stack of photos so they cant forget ;)

Ellenborough Falls is just beautiful.

See 3/4's of the way down the falls you can see something red?? Its a jacket on a person!!

The falls themselves are pretty spectacular but walking through the rainforest in the rain with three happy rainbirds was just bliss. Until rain bird number 2 ( Jared) noticed the mud. And the fact that his shoes were sandals and his feet were getting dirty. Amahli at this point, watching Jareds disgust, refused to go any further without being carried.

And so we plunged on, hopeful to make it to the lookout about 20 minutes on the mud track. Jumeirah and I talked about the different shades of green, from moss green, to dark green, to new green to wet green (?), Amahli talked about smooth trees and rough trees and spiky trees, Jared was all about the "dangerous" mud ;)

I , the other hand, was in sheer photo clicky Heaven... madly snapping away at the incredible greens and probably stopping at every tree to look at the moss... we finally made it to the Falls lookout.


It was truly a sight to see... but the rain was now getting harder and we had to start heading back... which was when my husband realised he had a leech on him.


Seriously, hate them. I take a hundred spiders over a leech. Oh it makes me shudder to even type this... He put the leech on the log ( he didnt get a chance to start his sucking on hubbins finger) and the kids thought it was hilarious to watch it dance, trying desperately to attach itself to his finger again... And now, I put the camera away and walked without trying to panic the kids, back to the car as fast as I could, whilst now carrying Amahli ( and the camera bag and camera) ( and also stopping to check every 5 seconds how many of the blood sucking monsters were on me... * shudder*)

We were half way back when Miss Eagle Eyes spots another leech. This one was huge and fat and as she said " Its pretty!" so I was made to take his photo before being allowed to move on.

Once back and the car, I tore my shoes off and jumped in the car ( yes I am sorry to say, I was first in the car. The kids werent really worried :) )
Amahli was next and came up clear ( little buggar was carried the whole way she pretty much had nil chance of copping a blood sucker). Jumeirah had a couple on her shoes but she had sneakers so they hadnt gotten in. Hubbin had another one but nothing to serious and I was clear too.
Jared, still happy to be out of the muddy area, was last to get in. I pulled his shoes off and.....

Little Bastard ( the leech, not my son)

I tried not to panic, the blood was oozing and this buggar was getting a lovely big feed. I calmly told Jared he had a leech and not to worry. His comment??

"I not worried, Mum. He's got a lovely happy bed there and hes so cute!"

Nup, hes not mine :) Although when I asked him if he wanted to go here again he said " No Mum, its too dangerous and the mud is terrible".

Finally, with some salt I somehow randomly packed ( ??) we got it off and began home. Halfway home, I took each kid to the toilet before they all fell asleep. Lifting up Jareds shirt, another great big fat leech falls off FROM INSIDE HIS BELLY BUTTON. Could be awhile before we trek there again :)

But aside the horrors of mud and leeches we had the best day.
I totally recommend pulling out a map, plotting a day visit and setting off with your own gang. The bonding and fun times last forever :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 52 week 12

Its been kinda nuts around here ( actually its really only nuts in my brain, the household seems fairly calm) with me trying to finish ( Ok lets be honest, I only started yesterday) a quilt for a little boy who is soon to be born.... we havent crafted as much ( much to Jareds delight) and three children have been hilarious to watch whilst they entertain each other.... so Ive let them be free from my crafty love to just ENJOY.

But I have been a bit slack with my project 52 ( Im still taking photos, just havent been putting them up here) so I thought I would post this one.

Its a drawing that Jumeirah did for me. Im rarely the centre of a photo with my kids ( Im rarely in them at all really) and more often than not, Im a tiny figure in a drawing too.But this one was beautiful, with me waiting at the Porpoise Pool, camera at the ready :)

Its us as a family, enjoying time together. And even though I dont really want her to know me as the "mum behind the lens" this perfectly captures a wonderful day we spent at the Porpoise Pool. I love that she is still relishing in those memories :)

I have also added a gorgeous video of my other two and a moment between them when we did the cotton bud paintings last week.

It really shows that by encouraging them in what they do, I am also teaching them to encourage each other. LOVE it.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When the teacher is taught

I learnt something today... when I wasnt really expecting to. It was one of those lessons I already knew but when I saw it right in front of me I finally saw the lesson I was being taught and realised that again, my expectations were slightly out of kilter..

I was doing some painting with Jared and Amahli today, and I was trying to do some "direction painting" where you gently direct the child to paint things... saying things like " could you paint a tree? And what could you put in the tree? How about a bird?"

Its something a mum would do to get her child to paint her "something" and its something I wanted to do to see if he could actually paint something that was recognisable to myself or even to him if I later asked what he had painted. Often its just lines or spots because hes not into painting or getting messy.

( ok, in my defense to all the readers who are going to go all Montessori and "process not product" on me... I dont do this often. But I wanted to see if he could do it. Sometimes Im just a mum who wants " something". Sometimes. )

And so he was happy to go along with me and we talked about painting an island with treasure and basic things I thought would be fairly easy and something he was interested in. He started off well, painting a recognisable tree, and then water... and then he started going off on some random tangent and was painting stripes everywhere and then spots and very quickly it became a page with not alot of anything on it.

(Amahli is still in the "just enjoy the paint" phase, although shes pretty particular about how it goes on and the order of colours and blending)

I praised his colourful work ( Im not one to tell him it wasnt what I wanted, Im not that mean or driven for product) and asked him if we could do another one. We talked about painting an ocean, a sun, and maybe a boat. As he painted a sun, I set the camera to video to actually capture his experience as he talks a commentary the whole time he paints.

This is the video ( I had to post it on youtube cos it was too big to post directly to here).

You Tube Video

I was totally surprised when I sat back quietly and watched how detailed his painting was. It had a boat, a giant seal, a crocodile, me, a cat and the dog ( china) in it. It was a complete story, a scene from his memory. His imagination was in overdrive and I really would never have been able to create such a detailed and creative scene.

And whilst he wasnt able to completely represent it, his art has meaning to him. It wasnt random markings as I had thought. It was objects, people, animals ( ok so it was a touch strange but thats his hunour really) and a story.

Maybe I should just watch more, listen more, and let him evolve in his art. Why do I have to have "something" painted?? Next time, I 'll just listen and learn :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One of "those"days....

Today, we hit the ground running... and its only now, at nearly 9pm that I can breathe out....

Today was the first day back at school. She was keen to go, but it took a monster effort to get us all out of bed and functioning before 8am after almost three weeks of no one serfacing before at least 8 and even then nobdy did much before 9am....
But we made it through the day. Fairly uncrafted, but we did it :)

I have lots planned for my little guy coming up so bear with me till we get back on the wagon..

Yesterday, I had one of "those"moments.. you know the ones. The ones that test you as a parent, that test your ability to stay calm and rational. It wasnt a massively big drama in hindsight but at the time, I was fairly cranky.

I got a call from my mum and talked to her for about 15 minutes. The kids, as per the norm, entertained themselves for that time. Amahli, funnily enough, was entertaining herself.

When I got off the phone, she leapt into my arms with a huge squeezey hug. (Alarm bells started ringing.... this kid is rare with her mum affection) I noticed beside her ear, a long curl was hanging down and ran my fingers down it, wondering why it was like that. The curl came loose into my hands. My first thought was " what has she got?" thinking she was sick... I asked her what happened and her reply was " I cut it".

Looking at one side, it didnt look that bad. Yes, she had taken few curls and cut them. Not too dramatic.

Until I walked into the loungeroom to find this. Somewhere on that head a whole heap of ringlets were missing. Didnt take long to find the bald to the skin patch.

I yelled. LOUDLY. She cried. Jumeirah cried. I cried. And then I hugged them both and told them that although I was mad, I still loved them and to please never cut their hair again.

My little mullet girl :)

I didnt really need to do much more, she knew how bad it looked and she had to tell daddy which she really didnt want to do. Hair will grow. Scissors will find better uses ;)

What do you do with things like this? The " learning my lesson" stunts that kids pull?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday cross craft

I wasnt going to blog tonight.. its Good Friday.
But I wanted to show you an amazing sight I saw tonight, and also the great little craft I did with Jumeirah today. I found this craft at Teachkidsart yesterday and Jumeirah was totally taken by it she wanted to do it too. Its really simple, but so so effective.

We started with a foam sheet ( you can use a foam tray that you get from the fruit shop) and cut out the shape of a cross.

Using foil, we covered the cross but kept the foil really flat and smooth.

I gave Jumeirah a scrapbooking tool used for embossing but you could use a ball point pen or even a pencil for this craft.

Then she drew a pattern which embossed into the foil and foam.

( The pattern is very similar to the Teach kids art example as she really liked the hearts and tree idea). It turned out absolutely beautiful and ist now hung in the kitchen.

I didnt realise something so simple would turn out so eye catching.

Tonight, hubbin called me outside to view the lightning that was caught in a very angry cloud.

He told me to go to the lighthouse so I could go try and get a photo....

Tonight, on Good Friday

The Heavens dared us to try and ignore

the perfect timing

of a party like this :)

Happy Easter.. see you on Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lets go fly a kite!

Recently we have had a run of beautiful days.. days filled with family, love, laughter and cruisy cruisy chill-outed-ness. My mum ( and nephew, sister and brother in law) came for a few days, unfortunately some ended up pretty sick and had to go home early, but it was still a great time to let the cousins play :) Since then, we have had to say goodbye to Ma again, and also say goodbye to hubbins sister and brother in law as they begin the next chapter of their lives. So I have been making sure that all these goodbyes are surrounded by happy fun memories for all involved. I took my crew for a last play with a loved aunty and uncle to Lake Cathie on a coolish Autumn day. Coolish meaning my kids didnt have to wear a rash suit to go swimming ;) ( nothing will stop them) We had a great time, and even managed to get Jareds kite flying. And yes the clouds really were that colour! Taken with my phone so the quality isnt great but you get the idea

I also took them to the beach to escape the household that seemed to be getting sick ( Ma and hubbin went downhill with sore throats and whatever bugs were flying around) to enjoy some simple beach time and some lovely fresh air. Unfortunately for them, I took my camera :)

They can be impossible to capture... being clowns or being serious or just plain being themselves and NOT wanting another photo, I waited patiently to catch one of each of them, just in that "moment". We built castles, fished for treasures, watched the waves...

Cant really explain this one except I had to take it if I wanted her to smile :) Apprently its giving her face a chance to "get ready"

And whilst I did feel a little guilty at not having a "proper" crafty post to show you today, I feel calm and relaxed. My kids are learning about balance, to be busy and to slow down, to create happy memories in whatever they are doing.

And I am learning to be patient behind a lens :) Because when I do, and they think Im not happily clicking away ( and I use an awesome lens that looks like Im closer than I really am)I get these.

Love :)xxxx